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A Unique Contribution of H2 and O2

OH100 is regarded by some as the world's most effective oxygen-producing product currently available. OH100 not only creates oxygen at the cellular level in the body, but it also contains a rare potent combination of 3 precious ingredients - Colloidal Gold, Platinum and Germanium.

It has been claimed that Colloidal Gold is a very subtle, though powerful pain reliever, and that it may aid in the treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Platinum is being used in Germany by Doctors and it has been claimed that is effective for PMS (PMT), cold feet, circulatory problems and that it may help to increase energy levels.

Germanium is necessary for the optimum nutrition of the human body. It has been claimed that this element raises the level of activity of various organs by enabling them to attract more oxygen. It is responsible for providing more oxygen to the body as well as expelling harmful pollutants and pathogens or rendering them harmless.

In addition to these powerful ingredients, OH100 utilises a unique proprietary water splitting technology to create 'Free Spinning' oxygen and important hydrogen in the body.

Many scientists agree that most diseases and infection is caused by oxygen starvation at cellular level. OH100 may help to generate more oxygen!

ImageBacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other pathogens that contribute to disease are anaerobic and cannot live in high levels of oxygen! So, as if we flood our bodies with oxygen, what happens to the offending toxins and microbes, the two causes of all disease and aging? They can be destroyed! OH100 takes the water (H2O) that is already in the body, breaks it down into hydrogen and oxygen, and releases both into the body.

Unlike other oxygen therapies OH100 may deliver an extremely important plus factor - the production of vital and necessary nascent hydrogen, or free spin hydrogen ions - the basic building blocks of life. Yes, you read correctly; OH100 works by dissociating water into both nascent oxygen and hydrogen, two necessary elements, and herein lies the magic. Hydrogen is just as important as oxygen, since it is used by the body to build and repair the immune system as well as the body's organs, its structure, and its cells.

OH100 also contains Enzymes, Electrolytes, 36 Amino Acids, and 78 Minerals.

Enzymes convert the food we eat into a chemical structure that can pass through the cell membranes of the cell's lining, the digestive tract and are absorbed into the bloodstream. Enzymes also aid in converting food into new muscle, flesh, bone, nerves and glands and are necessary to repair damage and heal disease.

Enzymes are critical to life itself. You cannot live without enzymes

Dr. Ken and Dr. Ed in the lab
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are involved in the biochemical structure of hormones, enzymes, nutrients carriers, and antibodies, as well as in the development of collagen (muscles, tendons, and so forth). Many amino acids have been shown through research and in chemical studies to be therapeutic in many conditions such as heart disease, Parkinson's, pain, depression, and immune function.

It has been said that many of the minerals found in OH100 are rare in most diets. OH100 contains minerals, which are in the ionic state, the smallest size a mineral can exist in, and are also called concentrated electrolyte ions. Minerals in this state are best absorbed and most efficiently utilised by the body.

OH100 is capable of holding 68 trace elements in full aqueous solution and delivering them through ingestion to every single cell in the body. In addition to replenishing proper blood levels of these trace minerals OH100 may also assist with the elimination of toxins and toxic waste materials from the body.

The world's leading authority on oxygen therapy, Dr Ed McCabe, has conducted 25 years of research into oxygen treatments. He makes the following comments:

"From thousands of interviews, I have seen amazing results in people who have properly applied just Oxygen supplementation, or just colloidal minerals, or just enzymes. Now imagine your level of wellness if you combine all three?"

It is no wonder then that OH100 ATP Zeta 2 should be the cornerstone of your nutritional foundation and when combined with Survivor ATP 1 it may create a powerfully effective health program for anyone.

QUANTITY/WEIGHT:29.5ml liquid.
SUGGESTED SERVING SIZE:2-8 drops in water or juice, 3 times per day (see note below).
CONTAINER/BOTTLE WILL LAST:4 weeks @ 5 drops 3 times per day.
COMMENTS/NOTES:Must be diluted in a glass of water before use. Most people prefer to begin with 1 drop per day for the first 3 days, then 1 drop 3 times per day for one week. Slowly increase dose over a few weeks up to 4-8 drops 3 times per day. OH100 is a very powerful detoxification product. If you experience detox’ symptoms (headaches, sore joints, tiredness) decrease the dose of OH100 until symptoms disappear and then gradually build up the dose again over a period of weeks.

Many experts believe that most disease organisms in the body such as viruses, fungus, and dangerous bacteria prefer anaerobic (low oxygen) conditions. Oxygen creates Healthy Cells so these organisms find it difficult to thrive in high-oxygen conditions. In our polluted cities and with fewer and fewer trees to produce fresh oxygen, it is increasingly difficult for the human body to receive its optimum oxygen levels, with OH100, that problem can be answered very effectively.

Responsible Consumption - Agape Superior Living does not promote unsubstantiated product claims or 'cure-all' remedies. It does not profess that its products cure disease or illness but it does promote the use of its high quality nutritional supplements to support the bodies natural healing capabilities. It also supports a well balanced regime of exercise, adequate rest, proper diet and moderation to assist in attaining a healthy and disease free life style.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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