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ImageHealth Bulletin: Our "Health Insurance" - The simple approach to maintaining a healthy immune response:

1. To maintain our organism balanced and prepared for possible infections, ATP1 and ATP5 are absolutely vital. ATP1 & ATP5 work perfectly together, using synergistic effects. Daily intake of both is absolutely recommended.

2. ATP1 feeds the body with important bioactive substances.

3. ATP1 helps to balance the mineral and trace elements levels.

4. ATP5 activates and alerts the Immune System through unique signal molecules.

5. ATP5 activates stimulates Immune functions in all areas of the body.

6. ATP1 helps to "feed" the important macrophages and other "defense soldiers", activated by ATP5 BetaMaxx.

7. ATP5 stimulates and boosts the production of new and higher numbers of immune competent cells - "health-security task-force".

8. ATP5 increases the phagocytic capacity or the ability to detect, engulf and destroy intruders like parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.

9. The combination of ATP1& 5 helps to relieve physical and emotional stress.

10. All ATP Zeta products, enough (each 25 kg of bodyweight need 1 l of water every day) pure water, enough sleep and mental and physical equilibration are always very important and strongly recommended.

With my best wishes for a healthy life.


Yours very truly,

Florian Th. Davidis, MD
Vice-President of Agape Superior Living
President of HARA Institute
The Health and Research Academy of VITAVERSUM

Responsible Consumption - Agape Superior Living does not promote unsubstantiated product claims or 'cure-all' remedies. It does not profess that its products cure disease or illness but it does promote the use of its high quality nutritional supplements to support the bodies natural healing capabilities. It also supports a well balanced regime of exercise, adequate rest, proper diet and moderation to assist in attaining a healthy and disease free life style.

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