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Image The Auto Qualification Program allows Members to purchase their minimum BV qualification in advance to ensure they never miss out on cycle bonuses or other incentives.  It simply means that once a Member registers for this program the company will automatically deduct the necessary BV value dollar equivalent each month until that Member elects to cancel out of the program. To take advantage of this fantastic system, Members must first register through a written application process.

Click here for the Registration Form. And fax to Agape Superior Living Australia Head Office +61 7 3800 6281

If a Member wishes to withdraw from the Auto Qualification Program they must do so in writing.

Click here for the Cancellation Form. And fax to Agape Superior Living Australia Head Office +61 7 3800 6281

After a Member completes the registration process they will then be able to access their Auto Qualification Product Account and their transaction history by selecting the 'Auto Qualification Product Account' option - they are able to view all their Auto Qualification Credits (Certificates) that have been posted to this Account (as well as any Debits for purchases) and the balance of this account available to spend on further products.

Auto The function will run in following steps:

1. Member needs to activate this function first by filling in an application form (to provide their credit card details).
2. On the27th of each month (26th US time), the system will check if member has purchased enough responsible BV.
3. If member didn't do it or hasn't purchased enough BV, system will check if there is any available balance in E-wallet's "standard product account".
4. If there is, system will deduct 60USD for 30BV from "Standard Product Account" to "Auto-Ship Account ". (Or 140USD - 70BV, 280USD - 140BV, or 2USD :1 BV pro rata)
5. The 30BV (70BV or 140BV) will be uploaded into member's business system immediately after the balance has been transferred. It also means that this member has fulfilled his responsible BV successfully, and his system won't be closed, and BV won't be forfeited.
6. Member will be able to order products in the future by using the credit in "Auto-Ship Account" any time, NO BV will be given for purchase using the credits here.
7. Link from step 3, if there is not enough money in "Standard Product Account", system will check "Cash Account". If there is still insufficient money, system will charge member's credit card automatically with 60USD or other amounts. And, of course the credit will be deposited into "Auto-Ship Account" as well, waiting for actual orders by the member in future.
8. If the system couldn't find any available money from "Standard Product Account", "Cash Account", or "credit card", this member's BV will be forfeited finally.
9. Please note, members have several options to prepare enough balance for auto-transferring.
- Reserve some credit in "Cash Account" by setting up "E-Wallet Configuration"
- "Retaining balance in Cash Account" option. Transfer some credit from "Cash Account" to "Standard Product Account" manually in advance by the member.
- Giving correct Credit Card Details to be charged successfully by the system.


  • Auto Qualification Product Account Credits have no BV value (Auto Qualification Credits and their $ values cannot be used to purchase future BV attributed product)
  • Auto Qualification Credits cannot be Transferred or Sold to another Member
  • Auto Qualification Credits cannot be used for new registrations
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