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Survivor Testimonials

ImageSURVIVOR is the ultimate Superfood for sports nutrition. Elite athletes all over the world are using SURVIVOR, including champion Australian Ironman John Van Wisse, who coped with bitterly low temperatures to win the New Zealand Half-Ironman Championship in 2002.

What the Experts Have Said...

"From the very first spoonful of SURVIVOR, the results seemed almost immediate and quite profound. My physical and mental endurance increased dramatically, my skin took on a glow. The whites of my eyes eventually became pure white. I experienced rapid recovery after intense training. My body began to feel like a finely tuned-living machine. I became leaner than I ever had been before and gained lean, hard muscle mass like I had never gained before".

Jason Cheung,
Sports Medicine Consultant

Dr. Michael Tait
"In my forty years of practice, I have been party to over 1.5 million consultations. It has always been a passion of mine to research and understand the correlation between Good Nutrition and Good Health. In recent times, I had heard a lot about a product called SURVIVOR, so I decided to investigate and find out more about it. We were amazed to find that the true value of this incredible food has probably been understated".

Dr. Michael Tait
Medical Director, Tait Medical Research Foundation

"SURVIVOR is one of the very few 'non-practitioner' products that consistently rates 100% effective for trace element deficiencies in people tested: a fabulous product".

Andrea G. Harris: Diploma in Herbal Medicine,
Healthy Insight Naturopathic Clinic,
Victoria, Australia.

"SURVIVOR is a brilliant product. I use it in our clinic and find it a very good multi chemistry tonic. It has been tested at University level in many countries now and in all cases has been considered as one of the most balanced chemistry foods in the world. Even the Japanese have openly stated this".

Dr Lee Rieniets

Dr. Gunderson
"The significant thing about SURVIVOR seems to be the energy, sense of well-being and the ability to stabilise blood sugar levels for those who use it. It has the ability to give more energy throughout the day, delay the desire for meals and adjust the mental attitude in a positive direction. I have had only positive feedback with SURVIVOR and just wanted you to know how well it is working for those I have on the product".

Dr. Roger Gunderson, MHsc, PhD., ND
Nevada Naturopathic HealthCare Clinic
Las Vegas, Nevada

What Professional Athletes have had to say...

"Training for the Winter Olympics requires High Intensity Workouts and fatigue is often a problem. By taking SURVIVOR I found that I can not only train longer and harder, but I can go through a full work-out without feeling the usual effects of Fatigue".

Jenny Owens

Jenny Owens

- No. 1 Accredited Alpine Skier in Australia
- Ranked No. 1 in Downhill, Giant Slalom and Super Giant Slalom
- First Place 2001 Australian Senior National Championships
- 2002 Winter Olympian

SURVIVOR is the ultimate Superfood for sports nutrition. Elite athletes all over the world are using SURVIVOR, including champion Australian Ironman John Van Wisse, who coped with bitterly low temperatures to win the New Zealand Half-Ironman Championship in 2002. He believes that SURVIVOR gave him the edge to win there and also in the 2001 Round Manhattan Island swim in the USA

John Van Wisse

Paul Cushion
"The best. Unbelievable energy and mental clarity in the gym. No more lethargic workouts even after an eight-hour workday!"

Paul Cushion: ANNB "Mr. Melbourne".
Body Building Champion.

Testimonials from satisfied customers...

"During six months deep sea fishing operations, the crew had to be up for minimum 18 hours per day under extreme conditions. As a result, even with good nutrition, exhaustion is very apparent. SURVIVOR alleviated this problem totally and completely. We could have worked 24 hours per day".

Tai Fredrickson
Captain - Antarctic Fishing and Oceanographic Research Co.

"After testing was done by my Doctor, I was found to be deficient in all my Trace Elements. My Doctor gave me information on SURVIVOR and after reading it, it was suggested that I try it for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I was tested again and all of my Trace Elements were back to normal. It was amazing to feel so good after feeling tired and unwell for so long".

Mrs Jenny Sloan
Victoria, Australia

"I can barely express the change it has made in my life. SURVIVOR has taken me to a new level of life, of confidence and power, of clarity and energy. Tears form when I try to explain what has happened. The changes began immediately and have continued steadily".

Paul Muller

"For over three years I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. It was a very hard time for me and it was also a big struggle to get out of bed. I was recommended SURVIVOR. I found that only one teaspoon dramatically increased my physical and mental energy. After taking SURVIVOR I often felt satisfied for many hours and enjoyed for the first time, in a long time, great physical energy".

M. Delaney
Australian Army

"Over the past year I had developed a very painful state of arthritis with enlarged, swollen knuckles and joints throughout my body. Making a fist would sometimes require prying the fingers open. I had been reading that because of the poor quality of our food supply, we are generally very deficient in enzyme absorption. Apparently this lack of enzymes is a significant contributor to the arthritic condition mentioned above. As I had heard that one of the significant ingredients in SURVIVOR is high quality enzymes that are better absorbed and thus better utilized in the body, I bought a bottle and started utilizing it right away as directed, once a day. Within just a few days the pain was significantly reduced and after two months (one bottle) the pain continues to gradually diminish. Not once have my knuckles locked up. I have better mobility, flexibility and strength in my fingers, hands, wrists, elbows etc., without constantly focusing on making them work properly. Having utilized practically every product I have been introduced to, I can truthfully say that this is the only product that had an immediate, direct, physiological cause and affect upon my body. Also, another month later the energy boost has finally begun to kick in. Thank you!"

Patrick Stoycheff
Western Australia

"I care for a 96year old woman who cares for herself in all but cooking and cleaning. During the past winter, she was sleeping 20 hours a day, with no energy or appetite. About three months ago I began giving her a teaspoon of SURVIVOR a day. Now she is up and energetic for more than 12 hours a day. She reads, goes outside, talks and laughs, and no longer talks of wanting to die. SURVIVOR is the only change that we have made in her diet. It truly has worked marvels for her".

E Schenk, Rainier,
Western Australia

"The first change for me was improved ability to read and comprehend books in the quantum field of study. My mind has definitely become clearer. I have lost some weight. This past week, my body feels stronger. At times, I can do things that I have not done easily for some time now. I found myself bending down using my legs without any aide. I am now 71 years old. I require less sleep, and feel more rested when I get up in the mornings. I attribute these changes to your product, SURVIVOR. The reason for this is that neither my lifestyle, nor my habits have altered in any fashion. I take one teaspoon first thing in the morning. That is all, and I'll never leave home without it! "

Lela Devoll,
Western Australia

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