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1. What are the ingredients of ATP 3 Supreme Body Complex?
ATP 3 contains Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Carbonate converted to Magnesium Acetate, apples with tannins removed.

2. How does it differ to other calcium supplements?
Ionic Calcium contains not as mush chemistry calcium, which may cause kidney stones, urethra stones, etc. Supreme Body Complex is produced by Nano technology.

3. Can children have Supreme Body Complex? If yes, how much dosage is recommended?
Yes. Children can have 1/2 teaspoon per dosage, once per day.

4. Who is not suitable to have Supreme Body Complex?
It is suitable for all kind people.

5. Why does Supreme Body Complex need to be dissolved in a warm or hot liquid?
The fine powder completely dissolves into the ionic form for complete bio-availability. Thereby making Supreme Body Complex an excellent solution to replace lost Calcium and Magnesium.

6. What are the functions of Calcium?

1. Maintain normal heart operation and muscle constriction.
2. Control body cellˇŻs flow
3. Helping blood solidification.
4. Maintain bone and teeth healthiness.

7. What are the functions of Magnesium?

1. Helping in calcium absorption.
2. Ease digesting problem.
3. Prevent calcium form sediment in tissue and blood vessel.

8. How many servings per bottle?
1 teaspoon per day, a bottle of 114gm ATP3 should provide a 45 days supply.

9. Can Supreme Body Complex be used with a combination of what other products?

  • To nourish body strengths: Revivo or Survivor + Supreme Body Complex is suggested,
  • To enhance physical strengths: OH100 or BetaMaxx + Supreme Body Complex is suggested,
  • To maintain blood vessels: Cell Essence + Supreme Body Complex is suggested.

10. Why should menopausal women have a calcium supplement?
Women 40 years and older will face Ovary problems, such as function fall off, decrease of estrogen, and a rapid decrease of calcium. Thereby, they should have a calcium supplement.

11. Can I increase the amount taken?
If you are feeling unwell in the bones, or you a woman going through menopause, we suggest you to have two dosage of 1.65g per day in the morning and late evening - 30 mins before going to bed.

12. What should I regard?
Do not use metal or stainless steel container to store this product. Please dissolve with hot water.

13. Can Vegans take Supreme Body Complex?
There is only natural calcium in the product, magnesium is extracted from mineral spring water, and there is no animal raw material added in the processing of the product.

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