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1. What are the ingredients of ATP2-OH100?
The ingredients include enzymes, electrolyte, Purified Water, Sea Mineral Concentrate, Plant Source Amino Acid Blend and Plant Source Enzyme Blend.

2. What are the specialties of OH100?
All of the minerals contained are ionic. It uses the unique proprietary water splitting technology to create 'Free Spinning' oxygen and important hydrogen in the body.

3. Can children take OH100? If yes, how much dosage is recommended?
Yes. Children have good absorption, thus lesser quantity needed. Children are suggested to have 2 drops per dosage each day. Suitable for children aged 7 years old and above.

4. Who is not suitable to have OH100?
Pregnant women and breast feeding women should ask for doctorsˇŻ advice prior to consumption. For those who have liver problems, please do not take over the recommended dosage.

5. Can I have more than the amount suggested?
The normal amount suggested to be taken would be enough for your health maintenance. For those feeling unwell, you could have 8 drops per dosage, and 3 times per day until fully recovered.

6. How many servings per bottle?
A bottle of 29.5ml OH100 should provide a 4-weeks supply with normal dosage (15 drops/day).

7. Can I have OH100 with a combination of other products?
OH100 can be taken with any combination of our companyˇŻs product.

8. How much of amino acids and minerals are in OH100?
OH100 has 36 amino acids and 78 mineral elements.

9. What should I regard while having OH100?
Never have OH100 together with western medicine (Please have an hour interval time for OH100 and western medicine). A greater amount can be taken for an unwell body, but please return to normal health dosage after fully recovered. Do not have OH100 together with milk or Soya milk.

10. Is there any body reaction after having OH100?
There will be different body reactions according to different body constitutions. All these would be normal. You are suggested to reduce the amount taken if you have a body reaction.

11. Who is most suitable for having OH100?
OH100 can be taken by anyone who intends to maintain a healthy body, people who are suffering from illnesses, people who wish to enhance physical strength, and people who wish to fine-tune their body constitution.

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