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ImageThe Agape Superior Living Bonus Plan is one of the best in the industry. It caters for a wide cross section of goals whether our members simply want to consume our high quality products or go on to build a very good business; all members are adequately catered for.

Naturally if a member wants to build a business it is important that they know well in advance how they are going to be paid the rewards for their efforts. This section of our web site is an overview of our various payment options - it is not intended to be a detailed outline and any further questions are welcomed directly to our contact us page.

Currently the conventional ways for our Members to be paid any bonuses due to them is through one of the following facilities.

1. Cheque: A Company Cheque mailed out to them in the post. This takes up to 4 working days to clear once it is received and banked. This feature is generally only available to members who are residents of a country where we have an established office. Cheques are not available to be sent to international addresses or to members who are not residents of a country where a formal office is located.

2. An Electronic Transfer or Direct Credit to a Bank Account: This process can also take up to 4 working days to clear. Costs are incurred by both the sender and receiver. As much as $15USD can be charged to both parties for this transaction. Once again this is only available to members who reside in a country where Agape has a formal office.

3. Stored Value Card: Each and every Agape Superior Living member is issued with a unique Stored Value Card as part of the initial Registration fee. This is an ideal way for our members who live outside a country where we have a formal office to be paid any of their bonuses. Transfer costs and fees are reduced due to the ease of use and the ability of the company to seamlessly put money straight into the members Stored Value card accounts. If members do not select (1) or (2) above all bonuses will be paid to their Stored Value Card.

You can learn more about the Stored Value Card from the person who introduced you to Agape or from the company directly.

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