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How To Achieve Super Health Beyond 2000
- Frank D.P. Ellis and Dr. Guy Roberts

In this book, the reader is guided through a range of outstanding nutritional supplements that are essential to the modern diet.

Good health is considered to be an integral part of the new millennium. People in ill health, like fish out of water, will find it difficult to survive. Ill health is prevalent today all over the world, therefore the state of our health is in need of attention!

Consider these two facts:

1. To the average person, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy diet.
2. People are spending a fortune on medical benefits and health cures.

Fact number one is the cause of fact number two. People take for granted that fresh fruits and vegetables are a healthy diet without questioning how and where they were grown.

People want health care, not disease care or cure, but the situation described in fact number two will not ease if this casual link is not broken. Diet is really crucial to health, but today's diet focuses on food and not nutrients. The body needs at least ninety nutrients from the diet every day. Anything less and it will let you know with a deficiency disease such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and so forth.

Obviously our diets are devoid of essential nutrients because the world is full of people with deficiency diseases. And what of the body's inbuilt defense system - the immune system? Simply put, diseases can only manifest in the body when the body's immune system is compromised. And what compromises the immune system? You guessed it - a lack of nutrients.

The solution to disease remains relatively simple. Most diseases can be avoided if the body gets the nutrients it needs for energy, optimum cellbuilding, and an effective immune system. To be healthy is to be well-nourished. In a nutshell, if you don't grow your own fruits and vegetables in healthy soil that you know is rich in major and trace elements and free of excess chemicals, or buy them from an organic grower's garden, grown in these same conditions, then you need to get your nutrients from another source.

These "nutrients" from another source, are clearly described in this book. Nutritional supplements serve to enrich the nutritionally empty foods we eat. This breaks the casual link, freeing us from the disease cycle and allowing us to move forward.

Agape Superior Living takes great pleasure in making this book available to you today. You will clearly see that when reading through this book, that it is as many experts have already claimed, 'the best and most complete guide to nutritional supplements available.'

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