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By Dr.Michael Tait MD

Dr. Michael Tait
The human body today labors under a wide range of difficulties and threats to its health and well being that were never before encountered to the same extent in human history. It is obvious that a new and much more comprehensive approach to human health is needed, if these challenges are not to lead to a widespread decline in the health, vitality and longevity of people who live the modern lifestyle of the western world. It was with this aim in view, that the ATP Zeta Program was devised.

The ATP Program sets out to offset the effects that the environment and lifestyle have in causing human illness. This is a result of deficiency of oxygen and hydrogen; soil depletion which leads to nutrient deficiency in food; the weakening of the immune system – which is subject to severe and constant stress; the highly toxic nature of the body combined with imperfect elimination; and the fact that the chemical process involved in the proper functioning of our cells have been compromised.

The five elements of the ATP Zeta Program have been formulated to ensure the maximum contribution for the existence of the human cell at the highest possible level.

Our Clinic specialises in anti-obesity and we study with interest the controversy surrounding the place of high glycaemic diets. The debate centers around whether a high glycaemic diet or a low glycaemic diet contributes to obesity, or whether they both have a common denominator. The theorists are missing the fact that at the heart of the matter is the source of the problem – how does the cell deal with the problem at the mitochondrial level and is it equipped to handle this or any problem at all. The basic problem is; have the mitochondria been given a chance to function in the proper way? It is the way in which the mitochondria have been limited in their attempt to achieve immortality that is the missing link.

Dr. Michael Tait in the lab
There are more than three hundred trillion cells in the human body, which work together to perform the myriad of operations necessary to sustain life. Each cell contains about 1,200 mitochondria and science now recognizes that these mitochondria are separate entities with their own DNA, separate from the DNA of the body. The business of the mitochondria is to convert the nutrients from digested food into the basic energy, which enables the cell to be alive. This basic energy consists of one adenine molecule with three phosphate molecules, which form a primordial triangle of essential energy for the cell.

The energy is called ATP – Adenine Tri-Phosphate and this function, directed by the mitochondrial DNA, is known as ‘aerobic respiration’. As a result of this tremendous energy production by the mitochondria, they are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cells. Yet we in our ignorance, with all our knowledge, seem to conspire to overwhelm this mighty computer.

The enormity of what the mitochondria achieve is almost beyond belief. It is incredible the enormous and complicated number of chemical activities involved in the aerobic respiration involving ATP and it is amazing that they can take place in such a tiny (~0.0002cm) structure, whose functions (related to size) exceed that of the largest atomic plant anywhere in the world. The ATP that is formed by them is transported to the cytoplasm where it is utilised in virtually every energy requirement of the cell, and therefore the body as a whole. The maintenance of this optimal mitochondrial health is the most essential requirement of the human body in order to achieve quality life and longevity.

Many scientists now believe that these mitochondria, with their own nuclear DNA, are the origins of life and that millions of years ago they existed as individual bacterial like prokaryotes. These prokaryotes were ingested by other larger life forms and remained inside them in a balanced symbiotic relationship, to form the modern basis of a cell containing many mitochondrias.

One of the most popular theories explaining the cause of ageing is that mitochondrial mutation is constantly occurring and the longer this goes on the more mitochondrial damage there is. Free radical formation is an unavoidable side effect of normal mitochondrial function, but unfortunately these free radicals also predispose to mitochondrial mutations (aberrant mitochondrial divisions). The mutations increase with time, environmental toxins, radiation, organic and chemically produced diseases, food additives and probably emotional stress. The more mutations there are, the more likely it is that the mitochondrial DNA will be damaged and this is turn results in cell death.

Telomeres, which exist at the end of chromosomes, become shorter with time and with repetitive cell divisions and therefore are in some way associated with the ageing process. This shortening is also associated with the gradual decrease in the level of an enzyme called Telomerase and it is here that scientists are also focusing their attention in their studies of ageing. When Telomerase is present, it acts like a molecular repairman, fixing and maintaining the Telomeres so that they never drop below their critical length. If this can be achieved and controlled the cells will continue to divide forever.

It is interesting to note that as from today, science can create a mouse as big as an elephant (or an elephant as small as a mouse). Imagine that! We are only just beginning one of the most fascinating journeys into the science of life.

The interesting fact is that Telomerase is present in about 95% of all malignant cancer cells in humans, but not to the same extent in normal cells, thereby giving the cancer cells a state of relative immortality. It is therefore intriguing to consider the results of research, which would increase the life, and activity of Telomerase. Would this result in more cancers or would it result in longer life?

The term “Zeta Potential” refers to the electrical charge on a particle. When the problems listed above in relation to environment, food and bodily functions have been engaged seriously by appropriate remedies, the human cell has a chance to regain its proper Zeta Potential charge and can then function at maximum capacity to produce radiant health.

Zeta Potential is in fact a measure of the electrical forces that exist between atoms, molecules, particles, suspensions, cells and other objects, existing in a fluid medium. It represents a basic law of nature and plays a vital role in every aspect of animal life. A low Zeta Potential can be compared with the high magnetic force, which draws magnets together - this produces a clumping effect.

The higher the Zeta Potential, the greater the stability of the substance, and the greater the ability of it to be assimilated in the body. Why? Because if a substance has a high Zeta Potential it has a greater tendency to be repelled by another substance and therefore will not tend to adhere, clump, or coagulate with them. Obviously the body cannot as readily assimilate substances, which tend to clump together because of their low Zeta Potential.

It is interesting to note that in soil, which is considered as one of the pillars of life, that fertile soil has a high paramagnetic value and conversely a poorly nourished soil has a low paramagnetic value. The scientific mind will therefore explore, the relationship of Zeta Potential and the health of the cell, versus paramagnetic values and the state of the soil!

The principle of good health lies in maintaining the correct hydroelectric properties in our vascular systems and in our intra- and extra-cellular compartments. The liquids in our body provide the environment for the correct Zeta Potential particles to attain their maximum cellular penetration and assimilation.

This program of maximum wellness is aimed at the restoration of the full health and vigor of the human person, moving from the cellular level outwards, and for that reason has been called “The ATP Zeta Program".

Why does the ATP ZETA Program work? Because nothing can be added to the body that does not concern itself with cell intelligence, and cell intelligence refuses to assimilate those substances, which are poisons.

Bioplasm of tissue units everywhere rejects poisons, refusing to assimilate them, and to the utmost of its resistive and eliminative powers, creates wars against their inimical and disintegrative action upon the unit integrity and tissue continuity.

The phenomena of nature are manifest everywhere by an endless series of changes. Every atom of matter is in motion. Nothing is still, yet through this eternal activity there is law, order, and harmony. Within the cell there is tremendous activity and a relative state of chaos, but despite this, within the mitochondria there is harmony in the midst of this chaos. All bodies are constantly absorbing and giving us radiant energy, constantly exchanging their ions for some other ions to form different substances, molecules, or compound bodies. These are called chemical changes. They are brought about by their different chemical affinities, which by recent investigation have been proven to be electrical.

This science is new and is called the science of iontophoresis, also known as medical ionisation. There is no disease than can resist the powerful alternative therapies if in the ionized form. The ATP Zeta Program is in five parts, each of which is unique with regards to it’s own beneficial effects at a cellular level. The combined synergistic effect of the five parts is also unique and these cumulative effects, with regard to total cellular health, are enormous.

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