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Manufacturer's FDA Registration No.: 14330249872


REVIVO components are sourced from the remains of an ancient rainforest.

REVIVO is raw, concentrated, Super - Strength Colloidal Iron in its purest form.

Designed for rapid and total absorption, REVIVO can assist anyone lacking a sufficient source of absorbable iron in their diet.

In fact, 8 drops of REVIVO in juice or water can provide up to 117% of the Recommended Dietary intake of Iron

It is recommended to consume 8 drops per day of REVIVO, however once symptoms of Iron deficiency have reduced then 8 drops twice per week should provide an adequate level of Iron supplementation.

No side effects such as constipation result from the use of REVIVO.

ImageIron is essential in the human body as it assists in the formation of red blood cells and is a transporter of oxygen to each cell in the body. This transportation of oxygen to the cells provides the body with energy which explains why Iron deficiency can lead to tiredness. Iron helps with memory, the ability to concentrate and can influence moods. Iron also assists the body to build resistance to infection, stress and disease by helping to boost the immune system.

The average daily adult requirement for Iron is 12mg (Australia-New Zealand Food Authority). Good sources of Iron include leafy green vegetables and red meat. If insufficient Iron is provided to the body via a poor diet it can be highly beneficial to take an Iron supplement such as REVIVO.

Iron deficiency can lead to symptoms of tiredness, anaemia, headaches, acute infections and lowered immune protection from colds and flu. It may also be experienced as dizziness and shortness of breath during exercise.

Iron deficiency High Risk Groups:

  • Menstruating Women (especially Teenagers)
  • Pregnant Women
  • Lactating Mothers
  • Strict Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Elderly People (with increasing age, iron deficiency becomes more and more common in both men and women.)
  • Hospital patients and outpatients exposed to excessive bleeding due to wounds, surgery etc..
  • REVIVO can assist to address the symptom associated with iron deficiency.
DESCRIPTION:Highly concentrated. Colloidal Iron in pure form. Can act as fast acting relief for symptoms of Iron deficiency.
INGREDIENTS:Colloidal Iron concentrate (Iron sulphate): water.
SUGGESTED SERVING SIZE:Up to 8 drops per day.
CONTAINER/BOTTLE WILL LAST:Approximately 2 months @ 8 drops per day.
COMMENTS/NOTES:Urine and bowel movements may become reddish in color when using REVIVO. This is not harmful, but is simply indicating that less Iron supplementation is required. Reduce dosage of REVIVO until normal color returns to bowel movements and urine.

Responsible Consumption - Agape Superior Living does not promote unsubstantiated product claims or 'cure-all' remedies. It does not profess that its products cure disease or illness but it does promote the use of its high quality nutritional supplements to support the bodies natural healing capabilities. It also supports a well balanced regime of exercise, adequate rest, proper diet and moderation to assist in attaining a healthy and disease free life style.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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