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A Powerful Immuno Helper


A new nutritional product called BetaMaxx is one of the most exciting things happening today in the field of whole food development.

Obtained from purified yeast, BetaMaxx has a long scientific history and a reference list including literally hundreds of papers.

Dr. Davidis examine the lab
Research into the development of yeast extract properties originated in the 1940's when Pillemer and his colleagues described a crude yeast cell wall preparation, Zymosan. They reported that this material was able to stimulate non-specific immunity. It was unknown at that time which element of this composition, containing a relatively crude mixture of protein, lipids and polysaccharides, actually activated the immune response.

The answer came later in the 1960's, when Dr. Nicholas Diluzio at Tulane University experimented with the components of BetaMaxx. In 1989, Dr. Joyce Czop, at Harvard University, went on to describe the mode of action of this material in stimulating the immune system. There is a specific receptor on the surface of certain cells, called macrophages that when activated, stimulate a cascade of events turning the body into "an arsenal of defense".

Macrophages play an essential and pivotal role in the initiation and maintenance of the immune response. From an evolutionary point of view, the macrophage is the oldest and most consistently preserved immunologically competent cell known. Not only humans and higher animals, but primitive invertebrates such as Hydra, which have no other immunological effector cells, have macrophages.

In order to function immunologically, the macrophages must pass through a state of activation which involves certain morphological changes but also, most importantly, a whole sequence of metabolic changes which result in the production of a series of so-called cytokines which act as internal regulators of the immune system. Activation can be too toxic or pathogenic to be useful. The components of Beta Maxx are orally effective, as well as completely non-toxic and safe.

Dr. Markus and Dr. Davidis
Considerable attention has been recently given to Aloe Vera extract, which was found to carry one of the macrophage activating polysaccharides, mannan or polymannose. While mannan has some macrophage activating potential, it is very slight compared to that of glucan. There are several different glucans with different levels of activity, the most active of which is the Beta Maxx component from the cell wall of yeast.

BetaMaxx is a 100% natural product of highest quality and no chemicals or heat is used in the production process.

Because of these high standards the filling height (filling volume) in bottle may vary/fluctuate.

INGREDIENTS: Baker's yeast extract (Saccaromyces Cerevisiae)
SUGGESTED SERVING SIZE:1 heap teaspoon, once per day (see note below).
CONTAINER/BOTTLE WILL LAST:4 weeks @ 1 times per day
COMMENTS/NOTES:Most people prefer to blend 1 heap teaspoon into a glass of fruit juice or a milkshake. Ideally taken prior to breakfast or dinner

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