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Manufacturer's FDA Registration No.: 12351324814

Ionic Magnesium & Calcium

Supreme Body Complex is a specialized Calcium and Magnesium supplement that is designed to become 100% ionic before entering the body. In so doing, it can be completely absorbed through the intestinal wall.

Experts believe that as we get older, the level of stomach acid present in our digestive system is greatly reduced and in light of this decreases the ability of our bodies to absorb Calcium and Magnesium from food and even most forms of supplements that are taken.

Unlike other products, Supreme Body Complex does not rely on stomach ionization for absorption therefore Supreme Body Complex has the ability to be highly effective for people with reduced stomach acid.

Research has shown that calcium and Magnesium is readily needed for healthy bones and muscles. Without sufficient Calcium, deficiencies are manifested in the body resulting in osteoporosis, ostcomalacia, rickets, muscle tetany and leg cramps. Supreme Body Complex may help to address all these problems through increasing the bodies intake and absorption of Calcium and Magnesium.

Dr. Gunderson - creator of ATP3
In regards to the occurrence of Magnesium deficiency, it is manifested clinically by depression, anxiety, confusion, PMS problems, irregular heartbeat and muscle weakness. This is attributed to, by bone loss that occurs with ageing, amounts to approximately 300mg of Calcium lost per day which needs to be replaced through proper dietary intake. The best dietary source of both Calcium and Magnesium is through regular consumption of fresh leafy green vegetables. Unfortunately however, much of the fresh produce grown today is produced on mineral deficient soils and is lacking in the vital nutrients needed by the body.

For Calcium and Magnesium to be absorbed through the intestinal wall it must be in an ionic form. Many common sources of Calcium are not in a suitable form for absorption and rely on the stomach for conversion to an ionic form - however this process is often inefficient. Most milks, for example, contain Calcium in an un-ionised form and as a result is poorly utilised by the body.

Supreme Body Complex must be dissolved in a warm or hot liquid such as hot water, tea, or soup before being ingested. The fine powder completely dissolves into the ionic form for complete bio-availability. Thereby giving Supreme Body Complex excellent potential for replacing lost Calcium and Magnesium.

INGREDIENTS: Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Carbonate converted to Magnesium Acetate, apples with tannins removed.
SUGGESTED SERVING SIZE:1/2 teaspoon per day (1.65). Important: Please see notes below
CONTAINER/BOTTLE WILL LAST:Approximately 60 days @ 1/2 teaspoon per day.
COMMENTS/NOTES:Fully dissolve in hot or boiling water (or tea, coffee, soup, stews etc) for maximum effectiveness. If desired, people at high risk of Calcium deficiency may choose to consume 1 teaspoon per day.

Responsible Consumption - Agape Superior Living does not promote unsubstantiated product claims or 'cure-all' remedies. It does not profess that its products cure disease or illness but it does promote the use of its high quality nutritional supplements to support the bodies natural healing capabilities. It also supports a well balanced regime of exercise, adequate rest, proper diet and moderation to assist in attaining a healthy and disease free life style.

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