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ATP Zeta Program and History

The ATP ZETA Program has been well researched and founded in conjunction with the Superlife Team and Dr. Michael Tait MD, of The TAIT MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION. The products used in the ATP Zeta Program are made using naturally occurring fruits, flowers, vegetagbles, and other organic substances.

The human body today labours under a wide range of difficulties, threats and stresses. Problems to a person's health and well being are being encountered today to an extent in human history never experienced before.

It is now more obvious than ever, that a new and much more comprehensive approach to improving human health and wellness is needed to address the challenges facing health, vitality and longevity of people who live the modern lifestyle of the western world. With this aim in view, the ATP Zeta Program was researched and developed.

The ATP Zeta Program sets out to offset the effects that today's environment and modern lifestyle habits, have in causing human illness. The majority of health problems today are a result of deficiency in oxygen and hydrogen; soil depletion which leads to nutrient deficiency in food; the weakening of the immune system - which subjects the body to severe and constant stress; the highly toxic nature of the body when combined with imperfect waste elimination; and the fact that the chemical processes involved in the proper functioning of our cells have been compromised due to additives and pollutants our bodies absorb and readily come into contact with.

The five elements of the ATP Zeta Program have been formulated to ensure the maximum contribution for improving and extending the existence of the human cell at the highest possible level.

The ATP Zeta Program is made up of the following world class products:

A Total Nutrient Package
A Unique Contribution of H2 and 02
Ionic Magnesium & Calcium
Essential Fatty Acids
A Powerful Immuno-stimulant
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