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Agape Superior Living was founded in partnership with the well respected Super Life Medical Research Team, a professional marketing team, respected Medical Practitioners worldwide and the Agape investment group. Their shared objective and vision was to ensure that the best health solutions could be provided to people globally with the sole intention of creating maximum health among our member group. After nearly five years of groundwork everything fell into place and Agape Superior Living was born.

The first Agape Superior Living preview meeting was held in September 2002 in conjunction with our previous President Mr. Frank Ellis. Since then, Agape Superior Living has created great excitement in the U.S.A., Canada, South East Asia, and Australian markets with people eagerly wanting to benefit from the Health Program promoted by the company, called the ATP Zeta Program. This Health Program is set to re-educate people about the power of preventative health and how to successfully live a healthier life.

The ATP Zeta Health Solution, is the spearhead of Agape Superior Living, in bringing back real excitement and real value in the Health and Wellness Industry today. In addition to this program, Agape Superior Living are sourcing and putting together other world leading health and wellness products, technology and e-commerce solutions as well as self-development training seminars.

The Network of Agape Superior Living Group links from the Corporate Head office in Brisbane, Australia to U.S.A., Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia.

Agape Superior Living as an organisation, is determined to become one of the leading Health Companies in the world. The current rapid growth of the company is already evidence of this becoming a reality.

You have the opportunity to also share in the success being created by Agape Superior Living. Just talk to the person who referred you to our website, to see exactly how you and your family can benefit from the AGAPE experience.

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