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Notice to all Agape Distributors of Superlife Products Ltd:
Agape Superior Living
Joint Venture China agreement.

This serves to confirm that during our board meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand on 19th June 2006, we have come to an agreement to venture and set up an Agape / Superlife GMP manufacturing facility in China. The new joint venture facility will be the official manufacturing facility for all future Agape products to be sold in China and Hong Kong and will contain state of the art technologies to produce the new generation of Agape products.

In addition, we hereby write and wish to reiterate that the entire ATP products and / or ATP Zeta Program solely belongs to Agape Superior Living Pty. Ltd. and no one else.

Lamar Cable
Chairman of Superlife Products Ltd.
For and on behalf of the Board of Superlife Products Ltd.

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