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Dear Agape members and all friends,

After my letter regarding the expected Bird flu pandemic, I received many letters from all over the world.

Many people wanted to know how to strengthen their Immune System and how much BetaMaxx (ATP 5) to take each day.

Usually I will take 1 teaspoon of BetaMaxx per day, (stirred or mixed in water, juice or milkshakes, or - very tasty - with corn flakes) which is sufficient for our Immune System under "normal" circumstances.

However, I will double my daily dosage to 2 teaspoons or even more when I am under a lot of stress or when viruses are active during the European winter days.
It is not easy to determine how much dosage is enough for each individual person, but half (0.5) a teaspoon per day for me is a "must" and I strongly recommend this minimum dosage to everyone.

For those who smoke or drink alcoholic drinks, they should maintain a daily dosage of at least 1 teaspoon of BetaMaxx. This also applies to those who are under lots of stress or live in big cities or polluted environments.
As mentioned before, apart from consuming BetaMaxx and the other important ATP Zeta products, we should also remember to drink plenty of pure water. I recommend at least 2-3 litres of pure water per day. (Every 25 kilograms of bodyweight need 1 litre of water)

Positive thinking, enough sports, sufficient sleep and a healthy lifestyle together with the ATP Zeta Programme is the best way to a healthy future for all of us.

With the best regards,
Yours very truly,

Florian Th. Davidis, MD
Vice-President of Agape Superior Living
President of HARA Institute
The Health and Research Academy of VITAVERSUM

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