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Dear Agape members and all friends,

I am writing this letter to you because of an actual issue recently which left me quite concerned.

Medical experts all over the world say that the spread of bird flu among human is already deemed as a serious medical issue. Experts agree that a pandemic is inevitable and possibly imminent.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently urged all countries to develop or update their influenza "Pandemic Preparedness Plans" after experts estimated anywhere between two people to 50 million people could die if a pandemic hits and the world is not prepared.

Good health care will play a central role in reducing the impact, yet the pandemic itself could disrupt the supply of essential medicines and health care workers could fall ill.

The WHO says in the best-case scenario, two to seven million people will die in the next pandemic and tens of millions will need medical attention. But if the virus is particularly virulent, the number of deaths could be dramatically higher.

The organization warns that the global spread of a pandemic can't be stopped - but adequate prevention will reduce its impact.

Many countries have already started stockpiling drugs and testing vaccines to beat the virus.

In my opinion, all of us should emphasize even more on a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and additional food supplements to keep our Immune System as strong and potent as possible to defend our bodies from virus attacks.

To maintain a healthy body, I recommend 2-3 litres of pure water every day and if possible, take high quality health supplements that are natural like the substances we have at the ATP Zeta program, especially the ATP 5 BetaMaxx. It is a central part of my personal health program to maintain my health and strengthen my Immune System day by day.

I have to point out that the suggestions mentioned here are by no means "cures" or "guarantees" for influenza or any other virus infections because no medical cures for the H5N1 virus have been found.

What I want to underline is that neither bacteria nor viruses can harm us if our natural system of defence - our Immune-System - is strong and motivated to immediately eliminate every virus invasion.

Best wishes to all of you, keep well and fit.

Yours very truly,

Florian Th. Davidis, MD
Vice-President of Agape Superior Living
President of HARA Institute
The Health and Research Academy of VITAVERSUM

Last Updated ( Friday, 07 December 2007 )
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